The life of an IT consultant @ HQ Amsterdam!

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Team Rockstars IT has the ambition to become High-end IT partner for companies that drive their business with IT. In order to achieve this, we want more consultancy expertise in Team Rockstars IT, backed by the CTO Office.

Becoming an IT Consultant is often a career path for developers that have ambitions to do more than just delivering code and architecture. IT Consultants help companies solving the IT problems they have and provide advise that can result in IT projects. Therefore, IT Consultancy demands a different set of skills, especially soft skills, that allow you to devise and sell a solution for a problem. There is a growing demand from IT Rockstars that get wind of the possibilities to become an IT Consultant. Therefore, we want to share this process in order te become an IT Consultant.

The program for the evening will be the following:

17:00-17:30 Welcome!
17:30-18:00 Diner
18:00-18:30 David de Hoop: What is the essence of an IT Consultant?
18:45-19:15 Murel Arts: The learning path to becoming an IT Consultant within Team Rockstars IT
20:00-20:30 Edwin Derks: IT Consultancy services within Team Rockstars IT and how you can deliver them
20:30-21:00 Drinks and Q&A

Can’t make it to Amsterdam? No need to sign up! Shoot Murel Arts a message on Teams.


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