Nx Conf – Viewing Party

Tribe Front-end
17 november, 18:00 - 21:00
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Afgelopen september was er een NX conferentie met interessante  sprekers! We nodigen jullie uit om deze samen online terug te kijken, hopelijk wat nieuws  te leren en de inhoud te bespreken in een Viewing Party.

Welke talks gaan we kijken?
We hebben zes talks uitgekozen van elk ongeveer 20 minuten. Je kan joinen in een streamingkamer, waar we de video’s tegelijk kunnen zien. Ieder op zijn eigen apparaat (ivm geluid en vertraging hel etc). De info en url volgt nog.

1: Micro Frontends and Nx Monorepos: The Best of Two Worlds?
Micro Frontends “by the book” are managed in different repositories. However, many Angular developers value the comfort and features provided by monorepos. This session will use Nx and Module Federation to show how to get the best of both worlds including sharing libraries between micro frontends, enforcing isolation, and deployment strategies.

2: Nx for your Stack
Take Nx beyond JavaScript incrementally, starting with only a few simple steps. From run-commands and shell scripts, up to a full custom plugin, Nx is capable of handling any language and tooling thrown at it. Experience the full benefits Nx provides in Angular, React, and Node, with the full stack of your choice.

3: Design Systems for Enterprise
If you are part of a large organization or team, chances are you need a design system. A combination of Nx and Storybook will make that process more efficient, more enjoyable, and definitely more scalable. Storybook helps you build “UI components in isolation”. Combined with Nx and the architecture of a Nx workspace, you can have your UI libraries easily “browsable” and testable by your whole dev and UI/UX teams.

4: Optimizing Workspaces for Nx
In this talk, we’ll discuss the concerns to consider when architecting an Nx workspace, and discuss how to be proactive in managing your dependency graph to get the most out of developer productivity, and reduce the risk of dreaded circular dependencies.

5: ESLint: Your Nx Workspace Rules
In this talk we will cover what it takes to create and run lint rules directly in your Nx workspace specific to your workspace’s own requirements and best practices. Want to learn how to avoid using developer time to police your contributing conventions in PR reviews? How to add auto fixing so the correct solutions are a command away? How to leverage existing utilities from the ESLint ecosystem to avoid writing invalid rules? Then this talk is for you!

6: Lose Your Fear of Package Updates
How can you scare any engineer in two words? Version updates. One of Nx’s superpowers is being able to run common commands incrementally — but what about commands that we run less frequently? Learn how Nx makes the upgrade path to latest so simple that you and your team won’t want to miss a version bump for your framework again.


Tribe lead Front-end / Mobile

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