Chapter Upper South – 18 maart Future Tech Digital 2021 Pre-Preview

18 maart, 18:30 - 20:30
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Binnenkort zullen onze toppers Vincent Hendriks en Bart Kooijmans spreken op Future Tech Digital 2021. Om al een beetje de presentatie te oefenen, zullen ze ons een sneak preview geven!


  • 18:30 – Bart Kooijmans – Google and Amazon cloud for the Azure developer
  • 19:30 – Vincent Hendriks – Containerization is improving your dev experience!

Talk Bart Kooijmans: Google and Amazon cloud for the Azure developer

Going to the cloud is a given. Endless possibilities with over 200 managed services, global coverage with datacenters everywhere and you are charged per usage. But which cloud should you use? As a Microsoft developer, you’d choose Azure right?! In this session I’ll show you the similarities between the three major clouds Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google GCP. I’ll argue that in the end there isn’t too much difference. The only thing that matters is that you should see the whole picture.

Talk Vincent Hendriks: Containerization is improving your dev experience!

Docker has changed IT by making it a lot easier to ship your products, but what about the development experience? In this session i will talk about what containerization can do for the developer itself, teams and organizations. It’s not just about shipping products. Topics I will be talking about are containerized dev environments locally and in the cloud (Github Codespaces), containerized tools, services and ofcourse container security scanning.


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