AI – Woman vs Machine – Girl Code @ Team Rockstars IT

23 november, 17:45 - 21:00
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We bundelen de krachten met de Girl Code meetup community voor dit event! Omdat we het handig vinden één aanmeldlijst te hebben linken we voor het aanmelden deze keer door naar MEETUP. Is dat een probleem voor je, geef een sein aan Kelly dan zorgen we dat je alsnog op de gastenlijst staat!

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/// AI – Woman vs Machine ///
AI this, AI that. You can’t open a news site without reading about AI. AI will take over all of our jobs: from screenwriter to software developer (so they fear). Amazon and Bol are flooded by cookbooks written by ChatGPT. Loan decisions at big banks are biased on gender and ethnicity, and so are hiring decisions, which turn out to have discriminatory outcomes, even though the ‘machine’ and not a human is making the decision. On the other hand AI software is making you passive income on the stock market (or at least for the guys, ’cause women were already excelling at that ;-))
BUT AI also increases the pace of software development, it brings intelligent automation which allows you to deliver changes more continuously, it will automate repetitive tasks for you, and help you with testing, debugging, analysing and discovering new chances for your products.
And the question that keeps people busy: will it replace humans? Will it be able to be as creative, intuitive and problem-solving as a human developer? Or will it stay your helpful assistant only?

Tonight will be all about AI. ‘Cause AI is a hot topic and we are software developers!

“We are thrilled that we are hosting the first Girl Code x Team Rockstars IT at Nov 23rd in Amsterdam! For Team Rockstars IT, employee happiness is the core of their company. Building a more diverse team, including all talents that women have to offer in our sector, is essential for making our IT future proof. Topic of the night: AI for software developers! How can we use all that AI has to give to do a better job, and be aware of unwanted consequences when using this intelligence? Let’s find out together!”
– Simone van Erp, CPO Team Rockstars IT

/// Open speaker call ///
tl;dr apply by sending a title and little abstract to asap.

Are you an (identifying as) woman software developer? And do you want to do a talk about anything AI? At Girl Code we always reserve a speaker spot for you! To give women in the developer community the stage, which we don’t always get elsewhere, to make you a much needed role model too!
You can be, but don’t have to be an experienced speaker. Girl Code is a very welcoming stage, we’re interested in your knowledge and ambition, also when you would be a little nervous. Open for any level.
So do you have a demo of your personal project with ChatGPT, are you letting AI write code for you and want to show how, do you want to tell which programming language is best for AI development and why, want to show a code demo to get everyone started on building their first AI application and so on and so on? Send an email to to apply for a 15 minute slot at this Girl Code event. Add a (draft) title and a short paragraph what your talk would be about.

/// Program ///
17.45 walk in / dinner (with vegan options)
18.30 Intro Girl Code by Ineke Scheffers
18.35 Intro Team Rockstars IT by Simone van Erp
18.40 Accessibility powered by AI, Ramona Domen, Software Engineer at Team Rockstars IT
19.00 Generating hotel review summary with GPT-3: A Hackathon project – by Aigul Iakupova, Software Engineer at
19.20 /// Open speaker call ///
19.40 Q&A with all speakers back on stage
20.00 – 21.00 drinks, snacks, mingle

/// Getting There ///
/// Shuttle service ///
You can reach the location by car and public transport yourself, but Team Rockstars IT will also offer us a shuttle service!
There will be one trip to the event and one back after the event from Amsterdam Central Station.

  1. You have to register for a seat by sending an email
  2. and you need to be on time, this shuttle service cannot wait for late/no-shows

/// Car ///
Park at B.1 Johan Huizingalaan 763a. You drive straight on until the Smart City Hub where you turn right at the end and drive around the building. Then drive up to the parking deck.
Ask for parking exit ticket at the event.

/// Public Transport ///
// tram
line 2 – stop at Louwesweg and continue by foot
// train
stop at Lelylaan and continue with metro or ov-bike
stop at Amsterdam station Zuid and continue with metro or ov-bike
// ov-bike
from Lelylaan or Amsterdam station Zuid
// metro
line 50 & line 51 – stop at Henk Sneevlietweg
// bus
line 68 – leaves from Henk Sneevlietweg en stops on the following busstops: Amsterdam Sloterweg, Amsterdam IBM & John M. Keynesplein


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